Top 10 Reminders

  1. "Painful as this time is, you will one day see the reason for it. Not cruel testing but tender preparation for the wonderful work you are to do."
  2. "Never inspire fear. It is an evil ally. No work that employs this enemy of Mine is work for Me. There must be a better way. Ask Me, and I will show it to you."
  3. "Nature is the embodied Spirit of My Thoughts of beauty for the world. Sense My presence in a flower, My message in its beauty and perfume. Joy, Joy, Joy."
  4. "Do not forget to meet all your difficulties with love and laughter. Be assured that I am with you."
  5. "Be calm do not feel the strain of life. I am the master instrument maker. Would I ask of it anything that could destroy or strain? No! strain is only when you are serving two masters the world, fame, good opinion of men or carry two days burden on the one day."
  6. "You do not need to see far ahead. Just one step at a time. Be more afraid of Spirit-unrest than of earthquake, fire or outside forces. When calm is broken--remain away alone with Me until your heart sings."
  7. "See a Mother preparing for her child's birthday - Will she not love that? How she will love this! She anticipates the rapture of her child. Where did the Mother learn all this? From Me."
  8. "This would cure the world if every day each soul waited before me. Gradually you will be transformed physically, mentally, and spiritually into My Likeness."
  9. "All down the ages men have been too eager to say what they thought about My Truth, and so doing have grievously erred. Hear Me. Talk to Me. Reflect Me. Do not say what you think about Me. My words need none of man's explanations. I can explain to each heart."
  10. "Life with Me is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties."