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We are not associated with any religious organization. We believe that everyone's life will be more joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful if we are reminded of our divine heritage.

Twenty years ago I was in an airport book store and came across a book named God Calling. After reading several pages I was struck by the way it was written, where God was speaking to me directly in the first person. Instead of reading something like, "Trust the Lord for guidance, strength, and wisdom", it read, "I hold the year in My Hands in trust for you. But I shall guide you one day at a time. Each day I supply the wisdom and the strength." I found this so much more compelling and personal. It spoke directly to my heart and soul. I used this book to overcome my myriad of worries about financial, health, and family issues. I read the Bible and many other books about spirituality, but found that during the day I lost touch with these thoughts and needed to be reminded to keep calm during hectic times. In the mid-nineties when the world wide web started to become popular, I kept having thoughts that I needed to convey this information by the web to millions of people. I pushed this thought aside many times in my career as a software developer. I then read a book called A Still, Small Voice by Echo Bodine where she wrote, "God whispers quietly, he doesn't shout. You can distinguish God's will from our own, God's will does not go away." This thought of providing a fast simple way to receive reminders from God would not go away from my mind and at the same time new technologies that conveyed short messages like Twitter, Facebook, smart phones and Google gadgets came along. I knew it was my sacred work to use these technologies to convey God's messages about His love for us.

This website is the manifestation of God calling me to use my gifts in computer science to help others overcome fear and worries. The reminders are adapted from many spiritual books. My hope is that they will help you through life's difficulties and your "dark night of the soul" with a sense of peace and faith in God.

You can help make the dream of reaching one million people a reality in 2022 by sharing the reminders that are meaningful to you with friends and loved ones. Together we can change the world.

God Bless.

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