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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I get "Subscription Required! page" after I already subscribed?

    You must be logged-in to see subscriber content. On the left side of page enter your username and password then click the "Login" button. Sessions timeout after 1 hour so you will need to enter your username and password again if inactive for over 1 hour.

  2. I signed up to get the daily reminders sent to my email account but I am not getting them?

    Check the "spam" folder of your email client to see if the daily reminders are arriving in that folder. If so, add as a contact. If you are using Gmail you need to check underneath the word "inbox" on the left and then click on "Spam" to open the folder. If you don't see "spam" sometimes you need to click on "more" and then the option will open up. If you do see our daily reminders there, click on one to open it and at the top there will a button that says "not spam". If you click on this button then you should start receiving our daily reminders to your inbox in future days. If still not receiving email after all this send us an email with your user id and we will check our email logs.

Subscribers may also access the online forum for technical support