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Inspiring and encouraging words to overcome life's obstacles.

Day 71

Tags: Comfort | Guidance | Strentgh

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"I am watching over you. Strength for your daily task is provided."

Day 72

Tags: Faith | My Will

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"Hearts eager to do My Will sends out a call I find irresistible. I know no barrier to them."

Day 73

Tags: Faith | Joy | Peace | Wonder

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"Recognize My Work in your daily life. Gradually a feeling of wonder, certainty, gratitude then joy will follow."

Day 74

Tags: Joy | Patience | Peace

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"Peace, joy, patience, and endurance all come from contact with Me."

Day 75

Tags: Cheer | Love | Obedience

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"Send no one away without a word of cheer, a feeling that you care."

Day 76

Tags: Faith | Love | Trust

Reminders from God icon

"Life with Me is a Love story. All you have missed you will find in Me."

Day 77

Tags: Faith | Inner Peace | Trust

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"Get back to Me when the slightest feeling of unrest disturbs you. Consciousness of My Presence brings calm."

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