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Inspiring and encouraging words to overcome life's obstacles.

Day 64

Tags: Acceptance | Faith | Love | Peace

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"Always choose the path to peace by expressing My Love and acceptance."

Day 65

Tags: Inspiration | Joy | Wonder

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"Let My Presence within inspire you. Embrace the joy and wonder this day holds."

Day 66

Tags: Acceptance | Joy | Resignation

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"It is not quiet resignation, but joyful acceptance and anticipation to which I give My Blessing."

Day 67

Tags: Faith | Love | Rejoice

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"I love you. Not one test too much will I lay on you. Rejoice."

Day 68

Tags: Assistance | Faith | Fear

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"Fear not. I am evermore ready to hear than you to ask. Know that help will come."

Day 69

Tags: Faith | Joy | Trust

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"Experience My Loving Presence in every fiber of your being. Joy, Joy, Joy."

Day 70

Tags: Faith | Paitence | Trust

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"I am using you in marvelous ways. Go on gladly. You will see."

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