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Inspiring and encouraging words to overcome life's obstacles.

Day 50

Tags: Hope | Worry

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"Acknowledge My Presence in every fiber of your being. Negative thoughts and worries will disappear."

Day 51

Tags: Faith | Trust | Worry

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"Everyday choose to let go of worry and let Me into your life."

Day 52

Tags: Faith | Joy | Meditate | Trust

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"Quiet your chattering mind then feel the joy of My Spirit emanate from your being."

Day 53

Tags: Compassion | Kindness | Love

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"Let My Love flow out of you as compassion, kindness, and understanding."

Day 54

Tags: Joy | Laughter | Peace

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"Such wonderful things are coming to you. Joy, Peace, Laughter. The difficult way is nearly over."

Day 55

Tags: Fear | Obedience

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"I am with you. Do not fear. Your success will be won daily doing what I have said."

Day 56

Tags: Faith | Hope | Peace

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Wonders are unfolding beyond your dreams and hopes. To everything say "All is well".

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