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1. Day 399
(Matching tags: Fight Worry)
"Does one worrying thought enter your mind. Fight it at once. Love and Trust are the solvents for the worries and frets of a life." ...
2. Day 259
(Matching tags: Worry)
"Why do you worry? I wait to give you all that is lovely. I bless the glad and thankful hearts." ...
3. Day 204
(Matching tags: Worry)
"Let My calm enwrap your mind and heart. Let it be a rest from the worry and fret of life." ...
4. Day 92
(Matching tags: Worry)
"I made you to carry the weight of one day. Do not weigh yourself down with the years behind or the days ahead."
5. Day 57
(Matching tags: Worry)
"Let go of your worries. Place your burdens on Me. I will show the way."
6. Day 51
(Matching tags: Worry)
"Everyday choose to let go of worry and let Me into your life." ...
7. Day 50
(Matching tags: Worry)
"Acknowledge My Presence in every fiber of your being. Negative thoughts and worries will disappear."
8. Day 49
(Matching tags: Worry)
"Spend time with Me. Your mind will be free of worry, new opportunities will arise, guidance will come." ...
9. Day 46
(Matching tags: Worry)
"Free your mind of worry. My spirit within you brings freedom. Live fully and freely today." ...
10. Day 27
(Matching tags: Worry)
"So often people cry out for some blessing, but hold so tight to some earth-treasure that they have no hand to receive Mine as I hold it out in Love."
11. Day 5
(Matching tags: Worry)
"The best cure for worry is to inwardly feel My Love for you." ...