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1. Day 364
(Matching tags: Wonderful Things)
"Claim big, really big things. Remember nothing is too big. Claim joy, peace, and laughter."
2. Day 248
(Matching tags: Wonder)
"No need to plead. How wonderful to feel you can simply claim help and so lovingly it is there." ...
3. Day 192
(Matching tags: Wonder)
"Now see how vast, how stupendous is the work of any soul. The words, the influences, go on down the ages forever."
4. Day 191
(Matching tags: Wonder)
"Wonderful things are happening. The way will unfold step by step. Do not limit Me." ...
5. Day 153
(Matching tags: Wonder)
"No invention could even achieve one millionth part of all that you can achieve by the power of My Spirit. Just think for one moment what that means."
6. Day 148
(Matching tags: Wonder)
"Painful as this time is, you will one day see the reason for it. Not cruel testing but tender preparation for the wonderful work you are to do." ...
7. Day 126
(Matching tags: Wonder of God)
"A wonderful future is ahead. Just be channels of My peace and love. Be used by Me." ...
8. Day 122
(Matching tags: Wonder)
"Wonders are unfolding. Just come before Me and stay for a while in My Presence." ...
9. Day 73
(Matching tags: Wonder)
"Recognize My Work in your daily life. Gradually a feeling of wonder, certainty, gratitude then joy will follow." ...
10. Day 65
(Matching tags: Wonder)
"Let My Presence within inspire you. Embrace the joy and wonder this day holds." ...
11. Day 44
(Matching tags: Wonder)
"You are a work in progress. Eagerly await the wonders that I will express through you today." ...