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1. Day 205
(Matching tags: Walk with God)
"Talk to Me more during the day. Look into my Face, feel a sense of security, a thrill of joy at My Nearness."
2. Day 198
(Matching tags: Walk with God)
"Lessons cannot be learned without difficulty. Not to him who walks on with no obstacles, but to him that overcomes is the promise given."  ...
3. Day 176
(Matching tags: Walk Closely with God)
"Keep close to Me. I am the Way that is the solution to all Earth's problems."
4. Day 95
(Matching tags: Walk with God)
"Listen to My Voice eagerly, joyfully. Never crowd it out. If one seeks the babble of the world I withdraw."
5. Day 93
(Matching tags: Walk with God)
"Live with Me. Talk to Me, thus you will grow like Me."