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41. Day 70
(Matching tags: Trust)
"I am using you in marvelous ways. Go on gladly. You will see."
42. Day 69
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Experience My Loving Presence in every fiber of your being. Joy, Joy, Joy."
43. Day 57
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Let go of your worries. Place your burdens on Me. I will show the way."
44. Day 52
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Quiet your chattering mind then feel the joy of My Spirit emanate from your being."
45. Day 51
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Everyday choose to let go of worry and let Me into your life."
46. Day 43
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Empty your minds of limits. Whatever is beautiful you can have. Leave more and more choices to Me. You will have no regrets."
47. Day 27
(Matching tags: Trust)
"So often people cry out for some blessing, but hold so tight to some earth-treasure that they have no hand to receive Mine as I hold it out in Love."
48. Day 23
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Are you ready to live apart with Me? In the world, yet apart with Me. Going forth with Me to rescue and save."
49. Day 22
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Seek Me, Love Me, Joy in Me. I am your Guide."
50. Day 20
(Matching tags: Trust)
"I am with you to guide and help you. Leave your foolish fears and trust in Me." ...
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