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21. Day 201
(Matching tags: Trust)
"I am your Healer, your Joy. With noiseless footsteps I draw near to you. I need no agonized pleading. Your need is My Call."
22. Day 199
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Overcoming is never overcoming of the one who troubles you, but the overcoming of the weaknesses in your own nature aroused by such a one."
23. Day 173
(Matching tags: Trust)
"I made a promise to always be with you. Trust in My Love. Leave your cares to Me." ...
24. Day 151
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Empty your vessels quickly. So much retained by you so much less will be gained from Me."
25. Day 148
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Painful as this time is, you will one day see the reason for it. Not cruel testing but tender preparation for the wonderful work you are to do."
26. Day 143
(Matching tags: Trust)
"You do not make yourself loving, strong and kind. You live with Me then My Life accomplishes this miracle-change."
27. Day 133
(Matching tags: Total Trust)
"Directly put your affairs and their difficulties in My Hands. I will begin to effect a cure."
28. Day 132
(Matching tags: Trust)
"The sunlight of My Presence is on your path. Trust and go forward unafraid." ...
29. Day 131
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Trust in Me. It is the ladder upon which you can climb from the lowest pit to magnificent heights." ...
30. Day 112
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Daily learn trust and calm in the midst of storm." ...
31. Day 106
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Can you get the expectant attitude of Faith? Not expecting evil, but a joyful trust of the next good." ...
32. Day 105
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Try to picture a bodyguard of My servitors in the Unseen, waiting and longing to do all that is necessary for your well being."
33. Day 102
(Matching tags: Trust)
"So trust Me. I am with you all the time, controlling, blessing, and helping." ...
34. Day 99
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Copy the child-spirit. Not only for its simple trust but for its joy for life." ...
35. Day 98
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Cling to Me until the Divine Life flows into your being and revives your spirit."
36. Day 89
(Matching tags: Trust)
"To see Me you must bring Me your cares and show Me your heart of trust." ...
37. Day 86
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Always calm with Me. Calm is trust in action." ...
38. Day 84
(Matching tags: Trust)
"All work that results from resting with Me is miracle-work. Claim this power."
39. Day 77
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Get back to Me when the slightest feeling of unrest disturbs you. Consciousness of My Presence brings calm."
40. Day 76
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Life with Me is a Love story. All you have missed you will find in Me."
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