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1. Day 399
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Does one worrying thought enter your mind. Fight it at once. Love and Trust are the solvents for the worries and frets of a life." ...
2. Day 386
(Matching tags: Trust)
"When man wants evil destroyed so often he rushes to action. It is wrong. First be still. Then act only as I tell you. Always calm with Me. Calm is trust in action." ...
3. Day 363
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Do not fear. To fear is as foolish as if a small child with a rich father fretted about how rent should be paid. Trust Me." ...
4. Day 354
(Matching tags: Trust)
"My words are life. To hear Me speak is to find life, healing, and strength. Trust Me in all things. Love showered on all brings a quick return." ...
5. Day 347
(Matching tags: Trust Wholly)
"You must trust me wholly. This lesson must be learned. Doubt always delays. Are you trusting all to me or not?" ...
6. Day 344
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Let your requests be known to Me. But do not beg. Just know that to lay the matter before Me is immediate supply."
7. Day 342
(Matching tags: Trust like a Child)
"So trust and be not afraid, like a child who places a tangled string in the hands of a loving mother and runs out to play, pleasing the mother more by its unquestioning confidence than if it went down ...
8. Day 331
(Matching tags: Trust)
"You must rely on Me. You must wait, trust, hope and joy in Me. This is the great test." ...
9. Day 330
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Trust and be not afraid. Life is full of wonder. Open child-trusting eyes to all I am doing for you. Fear not." ...
10. Day 301
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Love and Trust are the solvents for the worries, cares, and frets of life. Apply them at once. Persevere, oh! persevere. Never lose heart." ...
11. Day 277
(Matching tags: Trust)
"All that depresses, all that you fear are powerless to harm you. They are but phantoms. Trust in Me." ...
12. Day 264
(Matching tags: Trust in God)
"Doubts delay. Are you trusting all to Me or not? " ...
13. Day 250
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Trust in Me and leave to Me the choosing of the day and hour, then My miracle-working Power is made manifest." ...
14. Day 244
(Matching tags: Trust)
"So trust and know I am leading you. Step with confidence in Me into each unknown day." ...
15. Day 239
(Matching tags: Trust)
"All reform is from within however restricted your circumstances. Look inside yourself to see something not in order. Seek to right that."
16. Day 233
(Matching tags: Trust God)
"I would almost say "Forgive Me children that I allow this burden to rest upon you". There is so much you have to learn. Use this time to increase your knowledge of Me. "
17. Day 221
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Fear of what others will say is lack of trust in Me. Convert all difficulties into the purification of your character." ...
18. Day 220
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Would I plant your feet on an unsecured ladder? Its supports may be hidden, but if I have asked you to step up, then surely I have secured the ladder."
19. Day 215
(Matching tags: Trust)
"All people can be moved at My Wish. Rest in this certainty. Rely on Me."
20. Day 209
(Matching tags: Trust)
"Forget all sense of failure and shortcomings, all the painful jolts, just trust Me, Love Me, call upon Me." ...
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