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1. Day 332
(Matching tags: Rejoice)
... Rejoice." ...
2. Day 305
(Matching tags: Rejoice)
"Rejoice exceedingly. Joy in Me. Rest in Me. Never be afraid. Pray more. I am your Helper. Underneath are the Everlasting Arms. You cannot get below that. Rest in them, as a tired child rests." ...
3. Day 293
(Matching tags: Rejoice)
"Never despair. Be a channel of helpfulness for others. Already I hear the music of the unseen host rejoicing at your victory."
4. Day 140
(Matching tags: Rejoice)
"Beyond all words is My Love and Care for you. Be sure of it. Rejoice in it." ...
5. Day 67
(Matching tags: Rejoice)
"I love you. Not one test too much will I lay on you. Rejoice." ...