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1. Day 398
(Matching tags: Protection)
"My plans are wonderful. Cling to thoughts of protection, safety, and guidance." ...
2. Day 325
(Matching tags: Protection)
"All walls shall fall before you. Your faith and My power are the only two essentials. So if man's petty opposition still holds, it is only because I choose to let it stand between you and what would ...
3. Day 197
(Matching tags: Protection)
"I am your Shield. No buffets of the world can harm you. Practice feeling this shield until nothing has the power to spoil your inner peace."
4. Day 118
(Matching tags: Protection)
"Do not fear. I am a wall of protection around you." ...
5. Day 87
(Matching tags: Protection)
"Face the storm. Feel the thrill of protection and safety from Me within you." ...