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21. Day 196
(Matching tags: Peace of Mind)
"Allow nothing to disturb your calm heart with Me. Stop all work until this is restored. Let no one spoil your peace of mind." ...
22. Day 174
(Matching tags: Peace)
"In the spiritual world (as in the material) there is no empty space. As self, fears, and worries depart, it follows that joy, peace, and hope rush in." ...
23. Day 155
(Matching tags: Inner Peace)
"Rest more with Me. Alone, away from noise and activity, from these times you come forth filled with Spirit."
24. Day 145
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Nearness to Me brings sweetness, confidence, and peace into life." ...
25. Day 126
(Matching tags: Peace)
"A wonderful future is ahead. Just be channels of My peace and love. Be used by Me." ...
26. Day 124
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Earth's intrigues are not for you. Learn of Me. Simplicity brings true rest and peace." ...
27. Day 97
(Matching tags: Inner Peace)
"Just know all is well. Believing is the ship that will bear you to safety over stormy waters."
28. Day 87
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Face the storm. Feel the thrill of protection and safety from Me within you."
29. Day 86
(Matching tags: Inner Peace)
"Always calm with Me. Calm is trust in action."
30. Day 82
(Matching tags: Peace)
"There is only one cure for all the world's ills. Union with Me."
31. Day 79
(Matching tags: Peace)
"I am beside you. Can you not feel My Presence?"
32. Day 78
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Union with Me is an overwhelming necessity. All else follows so naturally."
33. Day 77
(Matching tags: Inner Peace)
"Get back to Me when the slightest feeling of unrest disturbs you. Consciousness of My Presence brings calm."
34. Day 74
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Peace, joy, patience, and endurance all come from contact with Me." ...
35. Day 73
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Recognize My Work in your daily life. Gradually a feeling of wonder, certainty, gratitude then joy will follow."
36. Day 64
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Always choose the path to peace by expressing My Love and acceptance." ...
37. Day 63
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Remind yourself of My Love for you. Negative emotions will flee."
38. Day 59
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Have Faith. It is necessary to overcome adverse conditions and accomplish all the good in your lives."
39. Day 58
(Matching tags: Peace)
"Let My Peace fill you. Allow My Love to guide and inspire your words, thoughts, and actions." ...
40. Day 56
(Matching tags: Peace)
Wonders are unfolding beyond your dreams and hopes. To everything say "All is well".
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