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1. Day 380
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Delay is not denial-- not even withholding. It is the opportunity for Me to work out your problems and accomplish your desires in the most wonderful way possible."
2. Day 353
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Many many in the world cry to Me, but oh, how few wait to hear Me speak. My speaking to them matters so much."
3. Day 339
(Matching tags: Patience)
"In bustle so little is accomplished. You must learn to take the calm with you in the most hurried days."
4. Day 280
(Matching tags: Patience)
"You must put Love into action in your life. No judging-- No resentments-- all patience-- all power-- all supply." ...
5. Day 266
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Truth is many-sided. Have love and patience for all who do not see as you do." ...
6. Day 242
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Stop all feverish haste and be calm. Come to me not only for petitions to be granted but nearness to Me."
7. Day 198
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Lessons cannot be learned without difficulty. Not to him who walks on with no obstacles, but to him that overcomes is the promise given."
8. Day 193
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Be quick to learn. You know little of the Divine Impatience which longs to rush to give." ...
9. Day 167
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Do not let difficulty conquer you. You must conquer it. My Strength will be there awaiting you."
10. Day 114
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Share your troubles, failures, heartaches with Me. I will share My Patience and My Strength with you." ...
11. Day 113
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Remember I am always with you. So tender, so patient, so strong."
12. Day 80
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Delay is not denial, but the all-loving Divine control that can scarcely tolerate the delay."
13. Day 74
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Peace, joy, patience, and endurance all come from contact with Me." ...
14. Day 26
(Matching tags: Patience)
"Wait in Love with Me. As you wait, courage and hope will flow into your being."