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1. Day 367
(Matching tags: Loving Thoughts)
"Look into your heart to find the peace and love I placed there."
2. Day 361
(Matching tags: Loving Word)
"Look at a flower until its beauty becomes part of your very soul. It will be given back to the world again by you in the form of a smile or a loving word." ...
3. Day 234
(Matching tags: Loving)
"I see the loving, the striving, not the defects. I see the conquest of your particular battle and count it a victory." ...
4. Day 177
(Matching tags: Loving)
"Today be stronger, braver, and more loving." ...
5. Day 154
(Matching tags: Loving Thoughts)
"Give abundantly. Feel that you are rich. Have no mean thought in your heart."