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41. Day 94
(Matching tags: Love)
"Be silent before Me. Seek to know then to do My Will in all things."
42. Day 85
(Matching tags: Love)
"Doubt your own power to put things right. Ask Me to right all, then go on your way loving and laughing."
43. Day 76
(Matching tags: Love)
"Life with Me is a Love story. All you have missed you will find in Me." ...
44. Day 75
(Matching tags: Love)
"Send no one away without a word of cheer, a feeling that you care."
45. Day 67
(Matching tags: Love)
"I love you. Not one test too much will I lay on you. Rejoice." ...
46. Day 64
(Matching tags: Love)
"Always choose the path to peace by expressing My Love and acceptance." ...
47. Day 63
(Matching tags: Love)
"Remind yourself of My Love for you. Negative emotions will flee." ...
48. Day 62
(Matching tags: Love)
"Whenever you feel alone or confused. Take a moment to acknowledge My Presence. You will receive new strength and energy."
49. Day 61
(Matching tags: Love)
"I have given you unlimited creativity and love. Use these gifts in every action you take." ...
50. Day 59
(Matching tags: Love)
"Have Faith. It is necessary to overcome adverse conditions and accomplish all the good in your lives."
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