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21. Day 267
(Matching tags: Love)
"Shower love. Every mountain of difficulty will be laid low and all will know I am with you." ...
22. Day 266
(Matching tags: Love)
"Truth is many-sided. Have love and patience for all who do not see as you do." ...
23. Day 230
(Matching tags: Love for Others)
"I am longing to use you. Your power to help others will soon bring its delight."
24. Day 217
(Matching tags: Pass Love On)
"Love can and does go round the world, passed on the God-currents from one to another." ...
25. Day 213
(Matching tags: Love)
"Place your burdens on Me, then in lightheartedness turn to help another."
26. Day 211
(Matching tags: Love)
"Laugh more. Laugh often. Love more. I am with you." ...
27. Day 207
(Matching tags: Love)
"Love and laughter, not a sorrowful resignation mark real acceptance of My Will." ...
28. Day 203
(Matching tags: Love)
"Rest in Me when you need perfect understanding and tender loving friendship."
29. Day 182
(Matching tags: Love)
"So seek to live knowing no other desire but to show My Love to your world." ...
30. Day 152
(Matching tags: Love)
"Never mind the anguish that lies behind. Forget, forgive, love and laugh." ...
31. Day 141
(Matching tags: Love)
"Walk in My Love. That walk becomes a glad conquering and triumphant march." ...
32. Day 137
(Matching tags: Love)
"How often, when you little know it, I go before you to prepare the way, to soften a heart here, to override there."
33. Day 134
(Matching tags: Love)
"My Love, understanding, and strength will never leave you." ...
34. Day 126
(Matching tags: Love)
"A wonderful future is ahead. Just be channels of My peace and love. Be used by Me." ...
35. Day 120
(Matching tags: Love Others)
"Let no unkind thoughts dwell in your heart, then I can act with all My Spirit-Power with nothing to hinder."
36. Day 119
(Matching tags: Love Others)
"You are now upon a mountain climb. Steep steps lead upward, but your power to help others will be truly marvelous."
37. Day 111
(Matching tags: Love)
"Whatever sorrow or difficulty the day brings. My tender command is the same. Love and laugh." ...
38. Day 109
(Matching tags: Love)
"Be transmitters of joy. Love and laugh. Cheer all. Love all." ...
39. Day 96
(Matching tags: Love)
"Face the future with a brave and happy heart."
40. Day 95
(Matching tags: Love)
"Listen to My Voice eagerly, joyfully. Never crowd it out. If one seeks the babble of the world I withdraw."
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