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1. Day 390
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Search for Joy in life. Hunt for it like a treasure. Love, Laugh, and Joy in Me." ...
2. Day 387
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Face each day with love and laughter. Face the storm. Joy, Peace, and Love are My great gifts. Follow Me to find all three." ...
3. Day 369
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Love and laugh. Make the world happier for your being in it." ...
4. Day 364
(Matching tags: Laughter)
"Claim big, really big things. Remember nothing is too big. Claim joy, peace, and laughter." ...
5. Day 360
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Love, laugh, make the world happy. Your joy-making shall spread in ever-widening circles, beyond all your knowledge. Centuries after it still bears precious fruit." ...
6. Day 291
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Laughter is the outward expression of joy. Love and laugh today." ...
7. Day 211
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Laugh more. Laugh often. Love more. I am with you." ...
8. Day 207
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Love and laughter, not a sorrowful resignation mark real acceptance of My Will." ...
9. Day 152
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Never mind the anguish that lies behind. Forget, forgive, love and laugh." ...
10. Day 111
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Whatever sorrow or difficulty the day brings. My tender command is the same. Love and laugh." ...
11. Day 109
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Be transmitters of joy. Love and laugh. Cheer all. Love all." ...
12. Day 85
(Matching tags: Laugh)
"Doubt your own power to put things right. Ask Me to right all, then go on your way loving and laughing." ...
13. Day 54
(Matching tags: Laughter)
"Such wonderful things are coming to you. Joy, Peace, Laughter. The difficult way is nearly over." ...