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41. Day 73
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Recognize My Work in your daily life. Gradually a feeling of wonder, certainty, gratitude then joy will follow." ...
42. Day 69
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Experience My Loving Presence in every fiber of your being. Joy, Joy, Joy." ...
43. Day 66
(Matching tags: Joy)
"It is not quiet resignation, but joyful acceptance and anticipation to which I give My Blessing." ...
44. Day 65
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Let My Presence within inspire you. Embrace the joy and wonder this day holds." ...
45. Day 54
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Such wonderful things are coming to you. Joy, Peace, Laughter. The difficult way is nearly over." ...
46. Day 52
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Quiet your chattering mind then feel the joy of My Spirit emanate from your being." ...
47. Day 40
(Matching tags: Joy)
"To use Me in your life is to bring into manifestation peace, joy and happiness." ...
48. Day 37
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Have no fear. Joy--radiant joy must be yours. Change disappointment to joy." ...
49. Day 34
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Many think I only test and train, and bend to My Will. I love to plan glad surprises for those who understand and joy in them." ...
50. Day 33
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Let joy flow from your house. It affects all who come there." ...
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