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21. Day 257
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Retreat into a quiet place with Me. You will find restoration, joy, and healing." ...
22. Day 253
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Joy does come to those who suffer in a journey with Me. Not due to suffering itself, but to the close intimacy with Me." ...
23. Day 245
(Matching tags: Joy)
"The prayer of real Faith is a prayer of Joy that sees and knows the heart of Love it rises to greet and is sure of a glad response." ...
24. Day 240
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Not only in the great decisions of life accept and welcome My Will. See it in each interruption, each task however small. Accept it and the resulting Joy will transform your life." ...
25. Day 229
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Consciousness of Me opens your whole nature to Me and that brings relief. Relief brings peace. Peace brings joy." ...
26. Day 223
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Marvels beyond all your imaginings are unfolding. I am your Guide. Joy in that thought." ...
27. Day 210
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Look up into My Face to feel a sense of security, a thrill of joy at My Nearness." ...
28. Day 205
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Talk to Me more during the day. Look into my Face, feel a sense of security, a thrill of joy at My Nearness." ...
29. Day 201
(Matching tags: Joy)
"I am your Healer, your Joy. With noiseless footsteps I draw near to you. I need no agonized pleading. Your need is My Call." ...
30. Day 200
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Give me the moments. The little things you planned to do, given up gladly at My Suggestion, the little services joyfully rendered. See Me in all and then it will be an easy task." ...
31. Day 188
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Be full of Joy. In every smile, every act of kindness, every trifling service --Joy." ...
32. Day 183
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Express My Joy within you as an attitude of love and reverence for all life." ...
33. Day 174
(Matching tags: Joy)
"In the spiritual world (as in the material) there is no empty space. As self, fears, and worries depart, it follows that joy, peace, and hope rush in." ...
34. Day 162
(Matching tags: Sweet Joy)
"Do you have fears and doubts? Speak to Me, spend time with Me, then sweet joy will flow into your heart." ...
35. Day 150
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Go forward you are beginning a new Life. Joy, Joy, Joy." ...
36. Day 115
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Rise above your fears into My Joy. It will heal your sores and wounds." ...
37. Day 109
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Be transmitters of joy. Love and laugh. Cheer all. Love all." ...
38. Day 99
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Copy the child-spirit. Not only for its simple trust but for its joy for life." ...
39. Day 85
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Doubt your own power to put things right. Ask Me to right all, then go on your way loving and laughing."
40. Day 74
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Peace, joy, patience, and endurance all come from contact with Me." ...
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