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1. Day 390
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Search for Joy in life. Hunt for it like a treasure. Love, Laugh, and Joy in Me." ...
2. Day 387
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Face each day with love and laughter. Face the storm. Joy, Peace, and Love are My great gifts. Follow Me to find all three." ...
3. Day 377
(Matching tags: Joyful and Strong)
"Have no fear. Watch the faintest tremor of fear, and stop all work, and rest before Me until you are joyful and strong again." ...
4. Day 374
(Matching tags: Radiant Joy)
"Have no fear, go forward. Joy--radiant Joy must be yours. Change all disappointment into Joy and each complaint into laughter." ...
5. Day 364
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Claim big, really big things. Remember nothing is too big. Claim joy, peace, and laughter." ...
6. Day 360
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Love, laugh, make the world happy. Your joy-making shall spread in ever-widening circles, beyond all your knowledge. Centuries after it still bears precious fruit." ...
7. Day 358
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Nature is the embodied spirit of My Thoughts of beauty for the world. Sense My presence in a flower, My message in its beauty and perfume. Joy, Joy, Joy." ...
8. Day 350
(Matching tags: Joy)
"I may send you strange visitors. Make each desire to return. Nobody must come and feel unwanted. Share your love, joy, happiness, time and food gladly with all." ...
9. Day 333
(Matching tags: Joy)
... bring joy." ...
10. Day 331
(Matching tags: Joy)
"You must rely on Me. You must wait, trust, hope and joy in Me. This is the great test." ...
11. Day 320
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Joy is the result of trusting acceptance of my will. It is the daughter of calm." ...
12. Day 308
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Learn to shut yourself away in My Presence - and then, without speaking, you have those things you desire of Me, Strength - Power - Joy - Riches." ...
13. Day 299
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Nothing in the day is too small to be a part of My scheme. The little stones in a mosaic play a big part. Joy is the God-given cement that secures the harmony and beauty of My mosaic." ...
14. Day 298
(Matching tags: Joy)
"My Joy I give you. Live in it. Bathe your Spirit in it. Reflect it." ...
15. Day 292
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Seek My Presence. I will reward you with courage and joy to conquer all troubles." ...
16. Day 291
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Laughter is the outward expression of joy. Love and laugh today." ...
17. Day 288
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Delight in My Love. Share all with Me and give Me the joy of sharing all with you." ...
18. Day 278
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Arise to beauty, holiness, joy, and peace. All inspired by My Love for you." ...
19. Day 276
(Matching tags: Joys)
"Loosen your hold on earth, its cares, worries, and even its joys. Unclasp your hand and let My Presence flow into your being." ...
20. Day 268
(Matching tags: Joy)
"Sense My Presence in nature. My message is in its beauty. Joy -- Joy-- Joy." ...
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