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21. Day 48
(Matching tags: Hope)
"No matter how gloomy the outer circumstances, My Spirit is always shining inside you revealing the way."
22. Day 47
(Matching tags: Hope)
"I made you to accomplish something specific that no one else can accomplish."
23. Day 45
(Matching tags: Hope)
"Every breath is a gift from Me that renews and restores you."
24. Day 44
(Matching tags: Hope)
"You are a work in progress. Eagerly await the wonders that I will express through you today."
25. Day 37
(Matching tags: Hope)
"Have no fear. Joy--radiant joy must be yours. Change disappointment to joy."
26. Day 27
(Matching tags: Hope)
"So often people cry out for some blessing, but hold so tight to some earth-treasure that they have no hand to receive Mine as I hold it out in Love."
27. Day 26
(Matching tags: Hope)
"Wait in Love with Me. As you wait, courage and hope will flow into your being." ...
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