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1. Day 322
(Matching tags: Help Others)
"Each day do something to lift up another soul. Provide the helping hand to raise another to courage, faith, and health." ...
2. Day 293
(Matching tags: Helpfulness)
"Never despair. Be a channel of helpfulness for others. Already I hear the music of the unseen host rejoicing at your victory." ...
3. Day 284
(Matching tags: Help)
"Never falter. Go forward boldly and unafraid. Know I am there to help you." ...
4. Day 273
(Matching tags: Help)
"Through many channels My help can flow. I am your supply." ...
5. Day 206
(Matching tags: Help)
"Face the day's problems with Me and seek My Help and Guidance as to what you can do." ...
6. Day 102
(Matching tags: Help)
"So trust Me. I am with you all the time, controlling, blessing, and helping." ...
7. Day 29
(Matching tags: Help)
"Your need is My chance to help. Faith is all I need to manifest My Power." ...
8. Day 28
(Matching tags: Help)
"I am your Guide. Strength and help will come to you. Just trust Me completely." ...