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21. Day 22
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Seek Me, Love Me, Joy in Me. I am your Guide."
22. Day 12
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Listen to Me. Love Me. Joy in Me."
23. Day 9
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Have no fear. A beautiful future lies before you. Let it be a new life where every happening, event, and plan you are conscious of Me."
24. Day 8
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"To the listening ear I speak. To the waiting heart I come."
25. Day 7
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Just go step by step. My Will shall be revealed as you go."
26. Day 6
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Practice Love. It is the great lesson. Practice this and I will bless you beyond all you can imagine."
27. Day 2
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Trust Me. You are not at the mercy of fate. You are being led. Those who do not serve your purpose are moved out of your path."
28. Day 1
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"I hold the year in My Hands in trust for you. But I shall guide you one day at a time. Each day I supply the wisdom and the strength."
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