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1. Day 408
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Devote yourself to experiencing joy right now."
2. Day 406
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Let Me fill you with joy and guide you with gentle and tender steps."
3. Day 403
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Let my Spirit inside lead you to the people, places, and circumstances that will give you the opportunity to express the grandest part of who you are."
4. Day 402
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Take the illuminations of your soul into action to produce love in this world."
5. Day 398
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"My plans are wonderful. Cling to thoughts of protection, safety, and guidance." ...
6. Day 375
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Share your gifts with all to discover the path I planned for you."
7. Day 223
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Marvels beyond all your imaginings are unfolding. I am your Guide. Joy in that thought."
8. Day 206
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Face the day's problems with Me and seek My Help and Guidance as to what you can do." ...
9. Day 187
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"I guide you one day at a time. You must not anticipate the Gift by fears or thoughts of the days ahead."
10. Day 165
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Store My Words in your heart. Use them as you use a lamp to guide your footsteps."
11. Day 71
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"I am watching over you. Strength for your daily task is provided."
12. Day 59
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Have Faith. It is necessary to overcome adverse conditions and accomplish all the good in your lives."
13. Day 58
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Let My Peace fill you. Allow My Love to guide and inspire your words, thoughts, and actions."
14. Day 49
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Spend time with Me. Your mind will be free of worry, new opportunities will arise, guidance will come." ...
15. Day 43
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Empty your minds of limits. Whatever is beautiful you can have. Leave more and more choices to Me. You will have no regrets."
16. Day 38
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Guidance you are bound to have as you live more and more with Me." ...
17. Day 31
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Learn calm. All great work for Me is done first in the soul of the individual."
18. Day 30
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Go back into silence to recover calm. You accomplish more by this than by all the activities of a long day."
19. Day 28
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"I am your Guide. Strength and help will come to you. Just trust Me completely."
20. Day 24
(Matching tags: Guidance)
"Be calm, be true, be quiet. I watch over you."
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