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1. Day 351
(Matching tags: Give)
"Give out Love with a glad, free heart and hand. Use all you can for others and back will come countless stores and blessings." ...
2. Day 315
(Matching tags: Give Freely)
"Hoard nothing. Do not be afraid of poverty. Let money flow freely. I will let it flow in but you must let it flow out."
3. Day 260
(Matching tags: Forgiveness)
"Put the old mistakes away. Take courage. I give you a fresh start today. " ...
4. Day 238
(Matching tags: Forgiveness)
"The beauty of My Kingdom is in its growth. Spend no time thinking of failures. Count lessons learned as rungs in a ladder. Step up."
5. Day 232
(Matching tags: Forgive)
"No more looking back. Give yourself and all you have ever met a fresh start. Forget their sins and failures and your own." ...
6. Day 158
(Matching tags: Always Give)
"Give, Give, Give. Learn this lesson and you will become a great power to do mighty things." ...
7. Day 154
(Matching tags: Give)
"Give abundantly. Feel that you are rich. Have no mean thought in your heart." ...
8. Day 152
(Matching tags: Forgive)
"Never mind the anguish that lies behind. Forget, forgive, love and laugh." ...
9. Day 139
(Matching tags: Give Freely)
"There is always a blockage when supplies seem short. Your giving clears that away and lets the Spirit of My Supply flow clear."
10. Day 43
(Matching tags: Forgiveness)
"Empty your minds of limits. Whatever is beautiful you can have. Leave more and more choices to Me. You will have no regrets."
11. Day 42
(Matching tags: Forgiveness)
"Cease trying to forgive those who wronged you. Aim to kill the self within, not until then will you find there is nothing that even remembers the injury." ...