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1. Day 384
(Matching tags: Faithfulness)
"The oarsman trusting in Me does not lean on his oars and drift with the tide. Once I have shown the way-- it is against the tide you must direct all your effort."
2. Day 371
(Matching tags: Faithfulness)
"In speaking to Me you find soul-rest. Simple tasks, faithfully done bring their own reward and are mosaics being laid in the pavement of success."
3. Day 336
(Matching tags: Faithfulness)
"You shall be used. The Divine Force is never less. I only need the instruments for me to use. To know that would remake the world."
4. Day 258
(Matching tags: Faithfulness)
"Nothing is by chance. No detail is forgotten in My Plans for you. "
5. Day 254
(Matching tags: Faithfulness)
"When things do not work out as you planned, then smile at Me and say "Have Your Way then". Knowing that My Loving response will be the best for you."
6. Day 116
(Matching tags: Faithfulness)
"Store little acts and words of faithfulness in My Great Storehouse, ready for the day of your big demand." ...