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41. Day 215
(Matching tags: Faith)
"All people can be moved at My Wish. Rest in this certainty. Rely on Me."
42. Day 214
(Matching tags: Faith)
"All walls fall before you. Your faith and My Power are the only two essentials." ...
43. Day 212
(Matching tags: Faith)
"You must Love, how otherwise can you dwell in Me, where nothing unloving can come."
44. Day 208
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Look on every fear, not as a weakness, but a real temptation to be attacked and overthrown."
45. Day 206
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Face the day's problems with Me and seek My Help and Guidance as to what you can do."
46. Day 201
(Matching tags: Faith)
"I am your Healer, your Joy. With noiseless footsteps I draw near to you. I need no agonized pleading. Your need is My Call."
47. Day 197
(Matching tags: Faith)
"I am your Shield. No buffets of the world can harm you. Practice feeling this shield until nothing has the power to spoil your inner peace."
48. Day 194
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Your five senses are the means of communication with the material world. Sever all connection with them when you wish to communicate with Me."
49. Day 192
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Now see how vast, how stupendous is the work of any soul. The words, the influences, go on down the ages forever."
50. Day 191
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Wonderful things are happening. The way will unfold step by step. Do not limit Me."
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