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21. Day 267
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Shower love. Every mountain of difficulty will be laid low and all will know I am with you."
22. Day 263
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Let My purposes guide you rather than your own fears or others opinions."
23. Day 262
(Matching tags: Faith)
"My Spirit in you is stronger and brighter than any darkness in the world."
24. Day 261
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Refuse to be downcast. Love and laugh. I am with you."
25. Day 260
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Put the old mistakes away. Take courage. I give you a fresh start today. "
26. Day 258
(Matching tags: Faithfulness)
"Nothing is by chance. No detail is forgotten in My Plans for you. "
27. Day 254
(Matching tags: Faithfulness)
"When things do not work out as you planned, then smile at Me and say "Have Your Way then". Knowing that My Loving response will be the best for you."
28. Day 252
(Matching tags: Faith)
"In your dark hours when human help fails, feel My Hand of Love press yours in silent understanding."
29. Day 247
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Never lose heart. Draw near to Me and in that nearness is all you need."
30. Day 246
(Matching tags: Faith)
"No day is lost which you have given Me to use."
31. Day 245
(Matching tags: Faith)
"The prayer of real Faith is a prayer of Joy that sees and knows the heart of Love it rises to greet and is sure of a glad response." ...
32. Day 238
(Matching tags: Faith)
"The beauty of My Kingdom is in its growth. Spend no time thinking of failures. Count lessons learned as rungs in a ladder. Step up."
33. Day 237
(Matching tags: Faith)
"You are to feel plenty. My storehouses are full to overflowing. You must see this in your mind before you can realize it in material form."
34. Day 236
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Know this. From the moment you placed all in My Hands and sought no other aid, I have taken the quickest way possible to work out your salvation."
35. Day 233
(Matching tags: Faith)
"I would almost say "Forgive Me children that I allow this burden to rest upon you". There is so much you have to learn. Use this time to increase your knowledge of Me. "
36. Day 231
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Remember no prayer goes unanswered. You will see lives you never touched altered, laws made, evils banished."
37. Day 221
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Fear of what others will say is lack of trust in Me. Convert all difficulties into the purification of your character."
38. Day 220
(Matching tags: Faith)
"Would I plant your feet on an unsecured ladder? Its supports may be hidden, but if I have asked you to step up, then surely I have secured the ladder."
39. Day 218
(Matching tags: Faith)
"You are entering a new stage of success. See My Hand in all the happenings."
40. Day 216
(Matching tags: Faith Like a Child)
"Life is full of wonder. Open child-trusting eyes to all I am doing for you. Fear not."
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