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1. Day 334
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Courage, courage. Heed My voice of encouragement. Remember that I am by your side, spurring you on to victory." ...
2. Day 323
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Have courage. Do not fear. Put the old mistakes away and start anew. You must be glad and joyful." ...
3. Day 292
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Seek My Presence. I will reward you with courage and joy to conquer all troubles." ...
4. Day 272
(Matching tags: Discouraged)
"The difficult way is nearly over. Hold on in My Strength. Courage and joy will conquer all troubles." ...
5. Day 263
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Let My purposes guide you rather than your own fears or others opinions."
6. Day 260
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Put the old mistakes away. Take courage. I give you a fresh start today. " ...
7. Day 202
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Go forward fearlessly and you will pass over to your promised land of freedom."
8. Day 160
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Courage. Courage. Courage. Fear nothing. Rejoice even in the darkest place." ...
9. Day 136
(Matching tags: Courage)
"I lay My Loving Hands on you. Feel their tender pressure. Courage and hope will flow into your being." ...
10. Day 101
(Matching tags: Encouragement)
"I am your Friend. Ready to help, encourage, soothe tired nerves, and speak peace to your restlessness and fear." ...
11. Day 96
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Face the future with a brave and happy heart."
12. Day 83
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Listen to My Voice. Go forward unafraid."
13. Day 47
(Matching tags: Encouragement)
"I made you to accomplish something specific that no one else can accomplish."
14. Day 45
(Matching tags: Encouragement)
"Every breath is a gift from Me that renews and restores you."
15. Day 44
(Matching tags: Encouragement)
"You are a work in progress. Eagerly await the wonders that I will express through you today."
16. Day 26
(Matching tags: Courage)
"Wait in Love with Me. As you wait, courage and hope will flow into your being." ...