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1. Day 321
(Matching tags: Burden)
"Be calm do not feel the strain of life. I am the Master Instrument Maker. Would I ask the instrument anything that could destroy or strain? No! Strain is only when you are serving two masters -- Me or ...
2. Day 180
(Matching tags: Burdens)
"Look to Me for all. Drop those burdens, then singing and free you go on your way rejoicing." ...
3. Day 107
(Matching tags: Burden)
"You must not feel the burden of your failure. Go on in faith, the clouds will clear, the way will lighten." ...
4. Day 92
(Matching tags: Burden)
"I made you to carry the weight of one day. Do not weigh yourself down with the years behind or the days ahead."
5. Day 57
(Matching tags: Burdens)
"Let go of your worries. Place your burdens on Me. I will show the way." ...