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1. Day 395
(Matching tags: Be Calm)
"Be still. Only when the soul attains calm can true work be done." ...
2. Day 386
(Matching tags: Calm)
"When man wants evil destroyed so often he rushes to action. It is wrong. First be still. Then act only as I tell you. Always calm with Me. Calm is trust in action." ...
3. Day 372
(Matching tags: Keep Calm)
"Keep calm. You can help nobody when you are agitated. You accomplish more by this than by all the activity of a long day." ...
4. Day 344
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Let your requests be known to Me. But do not beg. Just know that to lay the matter before Me is immediate supply."
5. Day 341
(Matching tags: Calm)
"It is not the passionate appeal that gains the Divine ear so much as the quiet placing of the difficulty and worry in the Divine hands."
6. Day 339
(Matching tags: Calm)
"In bustle so little is accomplished. You must learn to take the calm with you in the most hurried days." ...
7. Day 321
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Be calm do not feel the strain of life. I am the Master Instrument Maker. Would I ask the instrument anything that could destroy or strain? No! Strain is only when you are serving two masters -- Me or ...
8. Day 320
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Joy is the result of trusting acceptance of my will. It is the daughter of calm." ...
9. Day 317
(Matching tags: Calmness)
"Cultivate silence. I speak in silences to the heart. A soft wind can convey my meaning to the heart."
10. Day 316
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Love is the key. The way will open. What cause have you to fear. Be calm. Calm in my power." ...
11. Day 265
(Matching tags: Calmness)
"Seek a silence of spirit-understanding with Me then all will be calm and at peace." ...
12. Day 261
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Refuse to be downcast. Love and laugh. I am with you."
13. Day 249
(Matching tags: Calmness)
"Be calm, assured, at rest. I love you." ...
14. Day 242
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Stop all feverish haste and be calm. Come to me not only for petitions to be granted but nearness to Me." ...
15. Day 204
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Let My calm enwrap your mind and heart. Let it be a rest from the worry and fret of life." ...
16. Day 196
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Allow nothing to disturb your calm heart with Me. Stop all work until this is restored. Let no one spoil your peace of mind." ...
17. Day 112
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Daily learn trust and calm in the midst of storm." ...
18. Day 86
(Matching tags: Calm)
"Always calm with Me. Calm is trust in action." ...
19. Day 79
(Matching tags: Calm)
"I am beside you. Can you not feel My Presence?"
20. Day 59
(Matching tags: Calmness)
"Have Faith. It is necessary to overcome adverse conditions and accomplish all the good in your lives."