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1. Day 379
(Matching tags: Acceptance)
"Revere your life, body, and mind. The journey becomes peaceful when you accept your place in the great design of all things."
2. Day 320
(Matching tags: Acceptance)
"Joy is the result of trusting acceptance of my will. It is the daughter of calm." ...
3. Day 240
(Matching tags: Acceptance)
"Not only in the great decisions of life accept and welcome My Will. See it in each interruption, each task however small. Accept it and the resulting Joy will transform your life."
4. Day 66
(Matching tags: Acceptance)
"It is not quiet resignation, but joyful acceptance and anticipation to which I give My Blessing." ...
5. Day 64
(Matching tags: Acceptance)
"Always choose the path to peace by expressing My Love and acceptance." ...